School Curriculum

To accommodate the educational needs of students and the development of our society, a broad and balanced curriculum is formulated to provide diversified studies in the Arts, Science, and Commerce subjects as well as subjects related to information technology. Regular reviews on and restructuring of the curriculum are conducted. New learning elements are incorporated into various subjects, including small-class teaching, STREAM education, Reading Across the Curriculum, English Drama and Putonghua Drama, while oriental and western dance training, Chinese Martial Arts, and other programmes have been incorporated into Physical Education subject. Values Education, service and extra-curricular activities are also integrated into the Other Learning Experiences curriculum in the Life Education lessons so as to actualize the goal of ‘One Student One Sport One Art One Service’.


Senior Secondary Curriculum

We offer 12 elective subjects in our Senior Secondary Curriculum, from which students can choose three as their electives in addition to the four core subjects, namely English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics and Citizenship and Social Development / Liberal Studies. Besides, students have to participate in various types of Other Learning Experiences, which cover moral and civic education, community services, physical development, aesthetic development and career-related experiences. To diversify the curriculum, there are over 60 clubs, groups and societies providing academic, sports and arts, services, leadership and interest-nurturing activities to inspire multiple intelligences and cater for different interests, abilities and needs of students.

Our Senior Secondary Curriculum offers more than 400 elective subject combinations