Extensive Reading

To develop students’ reading interests and enhance their language abilities, the school has incorporated a series of reading-related strategies. Regular activities to foster a whole-school reading atmosphere include Morning Reading Time, Monthly Reading Newsletter, Reading Log Book and Reading Award Scheme.

The school also organizes diversified activities during Life Education lessons and out of the class, such as author talk, after-school elite writing class, authors’ sharing and guidance sessions, book fairs, World Book Day Fun Fair and so on.

To cultivate reading habits, the school launches a Reading Award Scheme to encourage students to read and take part in reading-related activities. With the help of Reading Ambassadors and encouragement of newspaper and magazine subscription, students will be able to widen their knowledge. A newsletter is published every month by the school library. Content includes library news, new books express, interviews of principals and teachers, students’ outstanding book reports and works.

Students are encouraged to read publications published by Kiangsu Chekiang and Shanghai Residents (H.K.) Association and borrow books from the library so as to enhance reading and language abilities and build up a sense of belonging to the school sponsoring body.

The opening of new school library extension in December, 2016 provides students a more spacious and relaxing environment. More reading materials and other information of diverse sources and formats are provided to support cross-curricular reading-related activities.

Book Fairs