Parent-Teacher Association


The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) was founded in 2000. Its aim is to strengthen connection and collaboration between the school and parents and to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness. Since its establishment, representatives have been sent to attend the school’s Incorporated Management Committee meetings in which they offer invaluable comments regarding school affairs. In addition, a Parent-Teacher Resource Centre has been set up at school to gather parents’ opinions and provide assistance. Meanwhile, a wide variety of activities have been organized to establish a close bonding between parents and teachers. They include Teachers’ Day, talks on Liberal Studies Education, Sex Education and Health, Anti-drug Abuse, and Self-regulated Learning workshops, sharing sessions, voluntary services, classes on reading and flower arrangement, guidance to newly admitted students, various classes such as jogging, tai chi, social dance, paper clay art, computer literacy and Enneagram, picnics, sailing trips, community cultural exchange events, barbecue night and Lunar New Year party, etc. PTA also issues scholarships to commend students with the most remarkable academic progress.