School Mission


“Orderly and Respectful” is our school motto and a code of behaviour is set for the students to follow, namely, to be diligent and lead a simple life, to be a person of integrity and always be eager to learn, to be filial to parents, to respect teachers and superiors, to love brothers & sisters, to be courteous to others, to love the school and comply with its rules, to be helpful, to be orderly and respectful, never say give up, and say let me try.

Our school is committed to providing students with an all-round education that nurtures their moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development. Our education philosophy is based on the following three principles: that equal significance be put on arts and sciences, equal importance attached to learning Chinese and English, and equal emphasis laid on further studies and career. We value the development of students’ potential, multiple intelligences and generic skills. The school aims to provide a high-quality whole-person education and nurture talents for the society and the country.