Major Areas of Concern (2022-2023)

(1) Strengthening Values Education, Boosting Self-confidence and Envisaging the Future

  • Cultivating a Positive Attitude and Serving the Community Proactively
  • Reinforcing Self-assurance and Resilience to Withstand Adversity Positively
  • Fostering Self-management and Planning for a Prosperous Future

(2) Implementing Self-directed Learning Practices, Supporting Diverse Needs of Learners

  • Extending e-Learning and Encouraging Professional Exchanges
  • Optimizing Cross-curricular Learning and Enhancing Self-directed Learning Capabilities
  • Supporting Learner Diversity and Strengthening Effectiveness of Strategies

(3) Sustaining the Optimization of School Curriculum, Fully Implementing National Security Education

  • Sustaining the Optimization of the Senior Secondary Core Subjects and Elective Subjects
  • Implementing and Optimizing National Security Education

School Highlights