Incorporated Management Committee (2021-2022)

Name of ManagerCategory of Manager
Mr. Yen Yuen Ho Tony Supervisor
Mr. Wong Po MingSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Ting Tien Li IvanSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Chen Yuen Chin AndrewSponsoring Body Manag
Mr. Chang Tin Duk VictorSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Chang David Shui KeiSponsoring Body Manager
Ms. Liao Chu Chen KwunSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Hsu Lap FooAlternate Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Chiu Man Chung AndyIndependent Manager
Ms. Chan Nga LaiPrincipal (Ex-officio Manager)
Mr. Chow Kin ShuenTeacher Manager
Mr. Wong Kwan YinAlternate Teacher Manager
Ms. Wong Yee ManParent Manager
Ms. Lau Wing SzeAlternate Parent Manager
Mr. Lui Pui YiuAlumni Manager