Incorporated Management Committee (2017-2018)

Name of Manager Category of Manager
Mr. Yu Jer Tsang (Supervisor)Sponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Chu David En YueSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Wong Po MingSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Yu Yau Kuen AndrewSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Ting Tien Li IvanSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Chang David Shui KeiSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Sum LoongSponsoring Body Manager
Mr. Hsu Lap FooAlternate Sponsoring Body Manager
Ms. Liao Chu Chen KwunIndependent Manager
Mr. Wong Chong Yee (Principal)Ex-officio Manager
Ms. Chan Nga Lai (Vice Principal)Teacher Manager
Ms. Ho Lai PingAlternate Teacher Manager
Ms. Tse Ming YukParent Manager
Ms. Yick Lai Sing AnnieAlternate Parent Manager
Mr. Pau Shu Yan PatrickAlumni Manager