Our school is one of the four schools established by the Kiangsu Chekiang And Shanghai Residents (H.K.) Association. The school opened in 1978 and is a government aided English secondary school. In 1998, the government launched the language policy of mother-tongue teaching and our school was one of the 100 secondary schools granted the English Medium of Instruction Status. In 2010, the Education Bureau implemented the policy of fine-tuning the medium of instruction for secondary schools. As the English ability of our Form one intake has met the prerequisites of the MOI fine-tuning policy over the years, our school was permitted to continue to use English as the medium of instruction for all classes.

Over the past three decades, the Association and the School Management Committee have continuously supported the school. There are remarkable progress and attainment in the school management, learning and teaching, student achievement, balanced student development, facilities and resources as well as home-school collaboration.