Health & Environmental Education

Our school has been promoting health and environmental education with remarkable achievements, including Active School Award for 16 years in a row since 2006, the Champion in Hong Kong Green School Award and the Champion in Greening School Projects Award. Through a whole-school approach, students are encouraged to build up their physical health and raise their environmental awareness by:

  • Participating in the sportACT Award Scheme organized by the Leisure & Cultural Services Department to cultivate students’ physical exercise habits;
  • Supporting the ‘Fruit Day’ organized by the Department of Health to promote the message of healthy eating;
  • Participating in ‘Jockey Club – Sik Sik Yuen Healthy Teeth Project’, which provides dental checkup and dental health seminars;
  • Recommending different vaccination schemes to students, like Influenza Vaccination and the Community Care Fund (CCF) Cervical Cancer Vaccination Pilot Scheme, etc. to raise students’ awareness on immunization,
  • Joining health education activities and research programmes organized by external organizations, like ‘Discipline x Healthy Lifestyle: Design & Delivery of Learning Activities for Secondary School Students’ organized by the Hong Kong Baptist University, ‘Prevalence Study of Breathing, Nose and Skin Problems in Children in Hong Kong’ and ‘Insomnia and Mental Health Treatment Programme conducted by the University of Hong Kong to build up students’ healthy lifestyle;
  • Organizing Swimming Gala, Athletics Meet, and different kinds of ball games, and including rowing, dancing, Chinese Martial Arts, lawn bowling and bowling in the Physical Education Curriculum to stimulate students’ interest in sports;
  • In response to COVID-19 Pandemic, organizing vaccination talks for parents and students, as well as arranging group booking for COVID-19 vaccination;
  • Release of environmental protection information, like school environmental policy, environmental protection facilities, environmental education course and activities via school webpage;
  • Extensively applying Green Management concepts and launching the 5’R’s Environmental Protection Policies – ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’, ‘Recycle’, ‘Reject’ and ‘Replace’ to encourage students to conserve natural resources;
  • Implementing cross-curricular plan on environmental issues to raise students’ awareness on environmental protection;
  • Receiving a total grant of over HK$1,100,000 from Environment and Conservation Fund to install renewable energy facilities and promote energy saving plan, which include the installation of solar panel and food waste decomposer, replacement of T5 fluorescent tubes and air-conditioners of Grade 1 energy label, as well as installation of heat insulation roof coating and window glass film, and implementing corresponding programmes to scaffold a green campus;
  • Appointing Environmental Protection Ambassadors in each class to join the ‘Student Environmental Protection Ambassador (SEPA) Scheme’ organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee and to promote environmental protection;
  • Actively participating in environmental protection activities, such as ‘Green & Organic Healthrun’, ‘No Air-con Night’, ‘Earth Hour’ and ‘Green Christmas School’, as well as disseminating environmental education experiences with other primary and secondary schools;
  • Receiving a total grant of HK$420,000 from the Environmental Protection Department and Cultural Services Department to conduct environmental protection activities since 2002, like planting trees and flowers, growing vegetables so as to strengthen students’ awareness on environmental protection and increase their sense of belonging to the school.