Catering for Students' Diversity

A whole school approach is adopted to cater for students’ diversity. To provide full and appropriate support to our students in both academic and non-academic areas, our school possesses an outstanding teaching team consisting of native English teachers, Putonghua teachers, professional instructors and alumni tutors in addition to high-quality local teachers. Over 50% of our teaching staff are master or doctorate degree holders and around 80% of our teachers possess teaching experience of ten years or above. We also work with the school social worker and educational psychologist to take care of the students with special educational needs.

To render appropriate academic support to students at all ability ranges, there are Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Liberal Studies Education,Citizenship and Social Development and Putonghua Enhancement and Remedial Classes catering for the learning needs of the top 10% and bottom 20% of students in the related subjects. There are also free lesson tutorials for senior form students. Our Alumni Association conducts Weekend Tutorial Classes and Tutorial Classes during Summer Holidays. Besides, academic enrichment and support programmes like the Form 1 Bridging Programme, Mathematics Olympiad Training Class, subject tutorials, etc. are held during holidays and after school.

In addition, professional training in musical instruments, drama performances, Chinese Martial Arts, dance, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc. is provided to cater for the talented students in sports and arts. Every year, students are nominated by the school to join the gifted education programmes, activities and territory-wide competitions organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, local universities and other educational organizations.