Campus Facilities

KCCS As more space is required to launch the New Senior Secondary Curriculum, the school sponsoring body funded over HK$70,000,000 to build a new school extension. A new 6-storey Academic Complex, comprising a construction floor area of 20,000 square feet, was built beside the existing school premise. The building was completed in September 2016, providing a better teaching and learning environment to teachers and students.

Campus facilities include thirty standard classrooms, three elevators, a library, conference and interview rooms, a hall, a multi-purpose centre, a playground, a gymnasium and twenty special rooms like laboratories, computer rooms, Visual Arts rooms, a music room, a dance room, a drama room, Counselling Room, Social Worker’s Room and Career Counselling Centre, etc. Besides, other facilities include Broadcasting Studio and Students’ Activity Centre. Barrier-free facilities are installed. The school premises are air-conditioned and the school hall, classrooms and special rooms are well equipped with IT facilities. The whole school is installed with wireless online facilities and has set up an intranet system and an e-Learning platform. Computer rooms are open to students after school, with staff on duty to provide guidance. The school library, with a rich collection of books, provides open and spacious reading area for students to cultivate their reading habits. Each classroom also has its own class library, providing books for students to read. Parents and students are able to receive school information and school notice via school webpage as well as smart phones. KCCS

We have a green school campus. The school playground is surfaced with all-weather flooring. A computerized roll call taking system and an information kiosk have been installed. Each student is allocated a locker for keeping books. Besides, the school is funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund to promote energy saving scheme. To raise students’ environmental awareness, the school is installed with renewable energy facilities, such as solar photovoltaic panels and a food waste decomposer.

Facilities in New School Extension

Floor New Facilities Purposes
G/F Multi-purpose Centre

  • Multi-purpose Centre
  • To occupy students for simultaneous events at the school hall, like ceremony, weekly assembly and talk, as well as other teaching and sports activities
  • To allow a seating capacity of 150 persons
1/F Staff Room

  • Staff Room
  • To relieve the problem of lack of space in existing staff rooms
  • For teachers meeting, collaboration and professional exchange
  • To allow a seating capacity of 42 teachers
2/F Computer Rooms

  • Computer Rooms
  • To provide more places for the elective of ICT under the NSS
  • For promoting e-Learning and multi-media learning
3/F Digital & Audio Library

  • Digital & Audio Library
  • An extension of the existing Chan Kwong Po Library to provide more space for books
  • Consisting of a Reading Room and two Language Learning Rooms
4/F Music & Dance Room

  • Music & Dance Room
  • For students’ choral and orchestral activities
  • For dance practice and activities
5/F Visual Arts & Drama/Geography Room

  • Visual Arts & Drama/Geography Room
  • To provide ample space for Visual Arts teaching activities and exhibition area for students’ works
  • For creative Chinese and English drama activities
R/F Rooftop Garden
  • For planting activities and leisure areas

Accessible Environment

The campus is designed with barrier-free facilities, like, ramp, accessible lift, accessible toilet, tactile guide path and visual fire alarm system.

Green Facilities

Apart from renewable energy facilities, the school is funded by the government to install green facilities at the campus. An on-grid solar system and a food waste decomposer were installed.

on-grid solar system