2 Feb
Spring Scrolls Writing and Auspicious Decorations Making AQctivity

With the Lunar New Year approaching, Parent-Teacher Association gathered parents from different forms to write spring scrolls and make auspicious decorations to promote traditional Chinese culture and boost the festive atmosphere. Decorations were hung on campus.

Life Education Lessons

Different activities were conducted, including Self-management Classes, sharing and reflection on their performance in the first term examination. Students also reflected on their progress in accordance with the Self-Management Handbook, with the aim to have a clearer understanding of their personal personality, preferences, strengths and weaknesses, so as to set goals that are more suitable for their own growth and development.

3 Feb
Form 1 Admission Talk: Interview Technique
The school offered a talk to potential applicants and their families. Principal Ms Chan Nga Lai, Vice-principal Dr Ho Lai Ping, Assistant Principal Ms Ely Lee introduced the placement of form one discretionary places and interview techniques. Over 800 audience attended, and the parents said that the talk was rich in content and benefited a lot.
The 60th Schools Dance Festival
Our Dance Club participated in the 60th Schools Dance Festival Competition. The dance teams performed Chinese Dance 'Butterfly Heralds Autumn' and 'Raindrops', and won the Excellent Award in the Chinese dance secondary school group.
19 Feb
60th Schools Dance Festival
The Dance Club of our school participated in the 60th Schools Dance Festival organized by the Hong Kong School Dance Association and won the excellence award in the group dance category for "山魅" and "水語藏心". Our school won a total of four excellence awards this year, and won the overall championship of the Chinese dance secondary school group for three consecutive years.
75th Hong Kong Speech Festival
1C Ma Ou participated in the 75th Hong Kong Speech Festival - Chinese Poetry organized by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association. She won the group championship and was recommended by the judges to participate in the Prize-winners' Recital. The performance video will be released later.
23 Feb
2023 Writing Competition organized by the Reader Magazine
Students participated in the above competition and 5A Luan Mei Ting won the third prize with 《消亡與新生》. Her work will be published in the Reader Magazine.
24 Feb
Prize presentation ceremony of the 32nd Students' Top Ten News Election
Assistant Principal Ely Lee and Mr Lai Pak Yu of Civic and National Education Committee led the student representatives 5A Leung Oi Ting and 2C Huen Wing Hang Jessie to attend the prize presentation ceremony. Our school won the Most Active Participation Award for 10 consecutive years.
25 Feb
Parents' Day for Form 1 to Form 5
27 Feb
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Titian and the Venetian Renaissance from the Uffizi
Form 4 visual arts students participated in the guided tour of " The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Titian and the Venetian Renaissance from the Uffizi" organized by the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The precious paintings in the museum allow students to gain an understanding of the flourishing period of the Renaissance and the intricacies of art.
F.6 Farewell Activity organized by the Guidance Team
Teachers and F.6 students were given flower-shaped marshmallows and dragon beard candies sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association and the Alumni Association.
29 Feb
2023-2024 National Youth Chinese Knowledge Competition: "Elite Cup" On-Site Essay Final (Hong Kong Division)
Students participated in the "Elite Cup" On-Site Essay Final competition. They received 1 Special Prize, 6 First Prizes, 12 Second Prizes and 19 Third Prizes. Additionally, our school won the Championship in the High School Category, receiving a total of 39 awards.