2 Nov
Flag Raising Ceremony and Speech Under The National Flag by Miss Wei
Inno Carnival 2023
Assistant Principal Miss Leung Wing Yee, Mr Wong Kwan Yin, Mr Lau Kai Chi and Mr Wong Yiu Ching led Form 4 students to attend the "Inno Carnival 2023" organized by the Hong Kong Science Park. The theme of this year's Carnival is "Go Smart! Go Tech! Go Green!", allowing students to enhance their understanding of innovative technologies and inspire their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through a series of interesting activities.
3 Nov
School Picnic
4 Nov
Parents' Talk
The parent-teacher association invited Ms. Cheung Siu Yong to the school to deliver a lecture on "Learning how to prevent verbal conflicts with children and learn how to create an ideal relationship" to enhance the skills of parents and children in getting along. After the lecture, the parents in attendance had group discussions and shared their parenting experiences. All parents felt they had benefited a lot.
6 Nov
Robo Master 2023 (International): Secondary School Category
6D Wong Chi Ping, Guo Xiu Rui and 4D Wu Cheuk Lam Kaylie, Liu Pan Ham Alex
participated in the competition and stood out among the 22 participating teams and won the runner-up in the group.
New Territories Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Competition
4A Zhang Chun Hei and 5B Yao Ping Shing, participated in the "Inter-school Fencing Competition (New Territories)" organized by the Hong Kong School Sports Federation and won the third place in the men's group B individual saber and the runner-up in the men's group A individual saber respectively.
7 Nov
Influenza Vaccination
8-10 Nov
Book Fair
10 Nov
Life Education Lessons
F.6: Career Talk by the HKU
11 Nov
2023 Sha Tin District Secondary School Expo
Assistant Principal Miss Leung Wing Yee, Miss Sin Ka Lai, Mr Lai Pak Yu, Mr Li Kin Hei, Mr So Chi Fung, Miss Leung Yee Ting, Miss Chen Yu Bei, Miss Tsang Chi, Miss Wong Wing Man and parent volunteers and students participated in the activity, providing parents with information and suggestions on school selection for secondary school.
44th Sha Tin District Dance Competition
Our school's dance club participated in the "44th Sha Tin District Dance Competition" and won the gold medal in the open category of Oriental dance with "yä".
"Exploration Day and Interview"
Eight Form 6 students were invited to participate in the "Exploration Day and Interview" organized by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, allowing students to learn about university life, School of Engineering courses and interview arrangements.
"Warm Stitches, Grateful Hearts" Parent-child Crochet Activity
More than 180 pieces of crocheting squares were raised to support the above activity. The Education Bureau will assemble the knitted squares obtained into scarves and give them to elderly people in residential care homes or those living alone to promote a culture of inclusiveness between elders and young children.
17 Nov
Inter-school fencing competition (New Territories)
2A Zhang Yiu Ching, 2B Lo Yeuk Nam, 3A Xu Leon, 4A Zhang Chun Hei, 5B Yao Ping Shing and 5D Luk Yau Wai participated in the "Inter-school Fencing Competition (New Territories)" and won the men's saber championship in the event.
Hong Kong Laureate Forum: dialogues with Shaw Laureates at secondary schools
Miss Law Wing Kwan and Miss Mohammad, Irram Sameena led students to participate in the above activity, hosted by Nobel Prize and Shaw Prize Laureate German Astrophysics Professor Reinhard Genzel and three other Shaw Prize-winning scholars to introduce research results to the teachers and students, and shared life experiences to inspire students' interest in scientific research.
18 Nov
The Community Chest Flag Day 2023
A total of 264 students and more than 50 parent volunteers participated in the flag selling activity.
Parent-Teacher Association Annual Meeting
PTA Annual Meeting was held in the afternoon. Dr. Cheng Pak Wing, clinical assistant professor of the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Hong Kong, was invited to give a lecture on "Stress Management and Mental Health". More than 240 parents in attendance felt that they benefited a lot. At the end of the general meeting, class teachers met with parents, distributed student performance reports and discussed students' academic performance with parents to strengthen home-school cooperation.
19 Nov
Parents' Day (Form 6)
24 Nov
Life Education Lessons
Miss Ip Yee Man, Miss Ho Man Yee, Mr Wong Yiu Ching and Social Worker Mr Li Tai Tak led 15 students to Tao Fung Shan on a hiking activity.
25 Nov
"Top Ten Most Beautiful Teachers"
Miss Leung Kit Man, the former panel of the Economics Department of our school, was selected as one of the "Top Ten Most Beautiful Teachers" and was invited to attend the celebration luncheon held by the organizer, the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers, with Principal Chan Nga Lai.