4 Sept
School Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony of the new school year was held with events including the National Flag Raising Ceremony, the singing of school song, the reading of School Motto and Student Code of Conduct led by student representatives, and speeches by the Principal, Vice-Principal and Assistant Principal. Principal Chan Nga Lai first introduced the new teachers to all students, then briefed on campus life, students' academic performances and other learning experiences last year after the pandemic. Principal Chan thanked all stakeholders of the school for their joint support in responding to challenges faced in the post-pandemic period. Principal Chan also introduced the school's proposed concerns and values for the new school year, "Integrity, Respect, Love and Care", and encouraged all students to set school year goals, study hard and work together towards excellence. Afterwards, Vice Principal Ho Lai Ping and Assistant Principal Ely Li explained the objectives and specific measures to be implemented in accordance with the school's concerns for this school year. After the Opening Ceremony, class teachers and deputy class teachers jointly presided over class affairs and reminded students items that require attention.

7 Sept
"Economic Essay Analysis Competition 2023"
Students Yeung Sen Hei of Class 6C and Wong Chi Ping of Class 6D participated in the "Economic Essay Analysis Competition 2023" organized by the Hong Kong Association for Economic Education and were awarded with Merit.
"National Constitution Day Online Quiz Competition"
The school won the "Most Active Participation School Award" in the "National Constitution Day Online Quiz Contest" organised by the Education Bureau.
14 Sept
28th Teacher Commendation Scheme
Voted by teachers and parents of the school, Ms Fung Pui Lan and Mr Lun Ho Yin were elected to participate in the "28th Teacher Commendation Scheme" organised by the Committee on Respect Our Teachers Campaign. This day, the two teachers attended the "Salute to Teachers 2023 - Teachers' Day and Commendation Certificate Presentation Ceremony" and were presented with the Commendation Certificate, in recognition of their enthusiasm for teaching and outstanding performance.
15 Sept
Celebration of Teachers' Day during Life Education Session
Celebration of Teachers' Day was held during Life Education session. First, Principal Chan Nga Lai delivered a speech to thank teachers for their tireless teaching and caring for students. Then the Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association, expressed gratitude to all teachers for their effort. Candidate cabinets of the Student Union "Vlinder" and "Ukiyo" also thanked teachers for their contributions with performances of Chinese dance and video clips of student interviews. Afterwards, representatives of the current Student Union presented gifts to Principal Chan and all teachers. Gifts were prepared by the Student Union, Parent-Teacher Association and Alumni Association to show their respect and carry forward the spirit of "Respect for Teachers", a crucial element of the school's Student Code of Conduct.
18 Sept
Teacher's Day Activities during Life Education Session
The Scouts of our school participated in the "New Territories East Foot Drill, Team Call, Happy Umbrella, Flag Raising Competition Chu Chun Ho Cup 2023" organized by the Scout Association of Hong Kong New Territories East Region and won the foot drill competition Champion and Best Uniformed Team Award.
19 Sept
Teacher's Day Activities during Life Education Session
Dr. Chong, Associate Professor of the School of Education and Languages of the Hong Kong Metropolitan University, along with Professor Mitsuharu Mizuyama, President of the Japan Association for Citizenship Education, Professor Yoshio Hashimoto of Kyoto Bunkyo University, and Teacher Makoto Hirotada of Kyoto Municipal Momoyama Junior High School visited the school to engage in professional exchanges, observation and discussion activities with Principal Chan Nga Lai, Assistant Principal Ely Li and Mr. Chau Chun Yu of Life and Society Department. The visit intended to discuss the development trend of education in the two places, as well as the teaching methods of civic and social education topics in secondary schools.
22 Sept
Life Education Session
During the Life Education Session, Form 1 to Form 6 students participated in the Oath-taking Ceremony of the Prefect Team, Library Services Team, Backstage Support Team and Campus TV Production Team. Students also took part in the Student Council Executive Cabinet Candidates Q&A Session, aiming to enhance students' understanding of various student organizations as well as to increase their sense of belonging to the school.
Parents' Evening
Parents of students from each form actively participated in the Parents' Evening held by the school. Principal Chan Nga Lai, Vice Principal Ho Lai Ping and Guidance Mistress Ms. Ip Yee Man presided over the talk on "Self-Management and Adapting to Campus Life' for Form 1 and Form 2; Assistant Principal Ely Li presided over the talk on "Equipping Yourself to Meet the Learning Needs of Secondary School" for Form 3 and Form 4; Careers Mistress Ms. Tai Lai Yi delivered a talk on "Planning for the Future and Mastering the Strategies for University Admission" for Form 5 and Form 6. Subsequently, parents of students from each form met with the head and deputy class teachers in classrooms to understand their children's performance in terms of character, academics, and extracurricular activities. Class teachers informed parents about important matters to be aware of throughout the school year. The Parents' Evening ended in a harmonious atmosphere.
26 Sept
"The 32nd Student Council Executive Board Election"
"The 32nd Student Council Executive Board Election" was held to enhance students' sense of citizenship. In this academic year, the cabinet candidates were "Ukiyo" and "Vlinder". Students from all forms actively participated in the election with a voting rate of 87%. After the vote, Principal Chan Nga Lai and teacher representatives monitored the vote-counting, cabinet candidate "Ukiyo" received 199 votes, and "Vlinder" was elected with 343 votes.
29 Sept
Flag Raising Ceremony
The Flag Raising Ceremony was held in the morning to celebrate the 74th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. Due to rain, the ceremony and speech under national flag scheduled to be held in the playground were held in the school hall. Form 4 to Form 6 students were arranged to attend the ceremony in the school hall, while Form 1 to Form 3 students attended the ceremony through live streaming in the classroom. Flag-raising was conducted by the Scouts and accompanied with the majestic national anthem. Teachers and students of the school stood in reverence facing the national flag, the ceremony was simple yet solemn. After that, Ms. Tsang Chi, teacher of Chinese Language presided over the speech under national flag, encouraging students to celebrate the reunion of families during the Mid-Autumn Festival, yet not to forget the following National Day marks the reunion of the country, reminding students to cherish and protect the hard-won peace of the present, and to study hard and contribute to the country and society in the future. Finally, the Student Council Representatives announced the result of the 32nd Student Council Executive Board Election.
Life Education Session
During the Life Education Session, students from Form 1 to Form 5 participated in the Oath-taking Ceremony of Peer Counselling Ambassadors, Civic Education Ambassadors and School Ambassadors, as well as the Annual Report and Oath-taking ceremony of the Student Union and the Four Houses, aiming to enhance students' sense of belonging to the school and their sense of personal responsibility. On the other hand, Careers Mistress Ms. Tai Lai Yi delivered a talk on JUPAS for Form 6 students, explaining university admission interview skills and answering students' questions.