30 Nov to 4 Dec

The Federation of HK Jiangsu Community Organization and The Jiangsu Hong Kong Cultural Association Limited organized the above exhibition to enhance students' understanding of Chinese history and to promote national security education.

2 Dec
Life Education Lessons
F.1, F.2 & F.5: Class Teacher periods
F.3: Choice of Subjects Workshop
F.4: Life Planning Workshop by Edvenue
F.6: Career Talk by the HKUST
3 Dec
'My Country and Me' - Seminar for Youths on Constitution Day and Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC"
Miss Wei and students representatives attended the above seminar.
5 Dec
Thailand International Mathematical Olympiad Semi-Final 2022 - 2023 (Hong Kong Region)
Chan Nok Yin
F.1 Gold Prize
Wong Sheung Cho Andy
F.1 Bronze Prize
Lau Wang Yuet
Champion of Hong Kong F.2 Group
F.2 Gold Prize
Peng Pok
F.2 Silver Prize
Ng Yu Ho
F.2 Bronze Prize
Chan Tsz Hin
F.3 Gold Prize
He Siu San
Silver Prize in Senior Group
Zeng Kei Chun
Bronze Prize in Senior Group
6 Dec
Former President Jiang Zemin memorial service
The National Flag has been flown at half staff as a token of mourning. Teachers and students watched the live broadcast of the memorial service and observed three minutes of silence during the service.
8 Dec
The 41st Graduation Ceremony
Alumna Yau Kwok Ting Tony, J.P., Deputy Commissioner of Transport Department,
School Supervisor Mr Tony Yen SBS and Principal Chan delivered speeches. Students received graduation certificates and scholarships at the occasion. The Speech Day was then followed by the Musical performance titled "In Harmony with Nature".
10 Dec
School Information Day
Events included admission talks, student sharing, musical performance and lesson experience. More than 1600 parents and students visited our school.
Hong Kong Rowing Schools Championships
2C Lee Tsz Wah and 5D Leung Yiu Cheung were the 2nd Runner-Up of the A Grade 1000 meters double sculls category.
15 Dec
2022 China-Asean Taijiquan Online Competition
4C Youn Wang Ho performed the standard simplified 24-form Taijiquan and won the 1st Prize in the above competition.
16 Dec
ECA periods
Led by the Reading Club and Chinese Society, students from these two clubs visited the Commercial Press Book Store in Shatin.
19 Dec
HSBC Young Financial Planners Programme
4B Chau Ching, 4C Kwan Wan Sin and 4D Lee Sze Yi participated in the HSBC Young Financial Planners Programme co-organised by the Education Bureau and the Boys' and Girls' Club Association of Hong Kong and were successfully selected as the "12th Youth Financial Secretary". Today, students attended the event and discussed their financial proposal with the Financial Secretary.
20-21 Dec
Youth Arch Student Improvement Award
3A Wong Yu Sang
4B Lau Tsz Yuen
5A Tse Hei Yee
6A Hou Jingsen
3B Song Xuan Yi
4C Wong Chong Wai
5B Sum Ka Wan
6B Chan Yu Hang
3C Mak Tsz Yiu
4D Yip Chun Pong
5C Tsoi Ka Ho
6C Lui Lok Yee
3D He Xin Wei
4D Chow King Man
5D Ren Wing Shing
6D Chong Lok Hei
20 Dec
F.6 Class Visit
Principal Chan, Vice-principal Dr. Ho, Vice-principal Dr. Chan and Miss Ely Lee visited F.6 students and gave talks to F.6 students on exam preparation strategies.
21 Dec
Inter-School Athletics Competition 2022-2023
3D Ng Hei Yu participated in the Inter-School Athletics Competition organized by the Hong Kong Sports Federation and she was the 1st runner up of B Grade 400 meters and 2nd runner up of B Grade 100 meters hurdles.
22 Dec
Flag Raising Ceremony and Speech Under The National Flag by the Principal
Christmas Party

Variety show, Christmas party and dress casual day. The dress casual day raised fund for the Hong Kong Kidney Foundation.