1 Sept
Opening Ceremony of the New School Year

The school opening ceremony commenced with the flag-raising ceremony, singing the school song as well as reading the school motto and students・ codes. The Principal then introduced the new teachers and social workers, commended on students・ impressive results in both academic and non-academic areas and expressed gratitude to the concerted efforts of different stakeholders under the pandemic. She then highlighted the new major concerns of the year and explained the focused core values in the new school year - .Responsibility and Commitment・, .Diligence and Perseverance・. Both Vice-principals also encouraged students to learn actively and strive for excellence.

3-4 Sept
:Meet; Youth Career Programme
Our students participated in the "Meet" Youth Career Programme launched by Po Leung Kuk Life Planning and Financial Education Centre. They experienced marketing and entrepreneurship through designing and selling their products at D Park in Tsuen Wan.
23 Sept
Life Education Lessons
In order to promote better understanding of various student organizations and develop students' sense of belonging to our school, all students participated in the Pledge and Handover Ceremonies of Student Teams and the Consultative meeting for Students' Union.
Parents' Evening
Many thanks to parents for their enthusiasm to attend the Parents' Evening. For Form 1 and 2, Principal Chan Nga Lai, our vice principal, Dr Ho Lai Ping and Guidance Mistress, Ms Ip Yee Man hosted a seminar of the theme " From Self-management to Adaption to the New School Life." For Form 3 and 4, our vice principal, Dr Chan Oi Chi and social workers, Miss Tong Ka Lo and Mr Lee Tat Tai shared their tips on how students can equip themselves for the needs in Senior Forms. For Form 5 and 6, the Careers Mistress, Ms Tai Lai Yi gave advice on future planning and university admission. After the seminars, class teachers held sharing sessions with parents and reported students' moral, academic and ECA performance.
25 Sept
NTER Footdrill, Grand Howl, Paraballoon and Flag Raising Competition (Dominic CHU CUP)
The Scout in our school performed outstandingly and attained 7 awards in the NTER Footdrill, Grand Howl, Paraballoon and Flag Raising Competition (Dominic CHU CUP). The awards include Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner up in the Footdrill Competition, Champion, 1st runner-up and Outstanding Award in the Flag Raising Competition and the Best Uniform Team.
27 Sept
Shakespeare 4 All Hong Kong Drama Workshop
Under the scheme - Jockey Club "All the World's Our Stage" Shakespeare Youth Drama Program, the English Department has invited Shakespeare 4 All Hong Kong to explore creative ways to learn English through Drama and games with our teachers.
28 Sept
sportACT Award Scheme
Our school has attained the Active School Award of the sportACT Award Scheme organised by the Leisure, Cultural and Services Department for consecutive 16 years.
29 Sept
The 31st Students' Union Executive Committee Election
Our school held the 31st Students' Union Executive Committee Election to raise students' civic awareness. The candidate cabinets for this school year are "Pyxis" and "Kamille". Our students voted enthusiastically, with a turnout rate of 92%. Principal Chan Nga Lai and teachers supervised the counting of votes. The candidate cabinets "Pyxis" and "Kamille" received 228 votes and 348 votes respectively. "Kamille" was successfully elected.
30 Sept
Flag-raising ceremony for the National Day
To celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China , all students as well as the representatives from the Parent-Teacher Association attended the flag-raising ceremony followed by our vice principal, Dr Chan Oi Chi's speech about the rapid development of China, qualities of leaders and our school's core values ?Diligence, Perseverance, Responsibility, and Commitment to inspire our students to lead the advancement of our school, society and country. The result of the 31st Students' Union Executive Committee Election was announced afterwards.
Life Education Lessons
The Life Education Lessons were conducted. F.1 to F.5 students participated in the Pledge Ceremony of Peer Counselling Ambassadors Team and School Ambassadors Team. The event also comprised the annual report and Handover Ceremony of the four Houses, and the inauguration and the Pledge Ceremony of the Students' Union. All these raised students' sense of belonging and responsibility to the school. Meanwhile, F.6 students attended a Career Talk on university admission interview skills held by Careers Mistress, Ms Tai Lai Yi.