4 Jan
School Arrangements for the face-to-face lessons and examinations
  • F.1, F.2, F.4 and F.5 Online Examination
  • F.3 On-campus Examination
  • F.6 Half-day face-to-face lessons in the morning and online lessons in the afternoon
4 & 5 Jan
Online Training Workshop for Staff
Three training workshops have been conducted by the IT Committee to explain the arrangement, invigilation workflow and essential information for the online F.1-F.5 Examinations to staff.

4-8 & 11 Jan
Preparation work for online examinations
To facilitate smooth running of the online examinations, class teachers and subject teachers explained the arrangements of the online examinations to students.
8 Jan
Full Trail Run for Online Examinations was conducted during the Life Education periods.
Our school participated in the第三屆年度中國歷史人物選舉organized by the 國史教育中心(香港). During the activity, students voted for the significant figures in History and our school won the Proactive School in Voting prize.