4 Jan
The 4th Student Improvement Award

5C Ng Ka Yu received the 4th Student Improvement Award organized by the Elsie Tu Education Fund for his significant improvement in 2017-18. 6C Tsoi Hiu Lam and 5E Choi Ka Hei have also received the Best Progress award for their improvements.

9 Jan
Staff Development Day

The morning session was conducted by the teachers from the IT in Education Centre of Excellence (CoE) Scheme. During the workshops, teachers from three other schools shared their experiences in implementing IT to different subjects.
In the afternoon, school-based Educational Psychologist Miss Chik delivered a talk on the topic of learning needs of and accommodation of ASD and AD/HD students.

11 Jan
Talk on examination skill
A Talk has been arranged for all the Form 6 students to enhance their examination skills in Chinese Language, English and Mathematics.
11 Jan
Life Education Lesson
Various activities have been arranged during the Life Education Lesson, such as visiting the Junior Police Call Shatin region, Floor Curling training, Daffodil planting and making Chinese New Year food.
19 Jan
Hong Kong Budding Poets Workshop
4B Lai Hugo Ho Kwong, Lo Sze Yin Desmond, Tam Tsz Ho, Yu Tsz Ching, 4E Ng Sheung Chun and Wong Pui Huen participated in the Hong Kong Budding Poets workshop organized by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.
20 Jan
The 1st Hong Kong Girl Guides Awards Presentation Ceremony
Girl Guides members of our school have been invited to attend the award presentation ceremony and have received the following prizes:
Student's name and class
Unit Highest Service Hour Award Girl Guides
Lady Jane's Guide Award 5A Zhou Yu Jing Alana
5B Yeung Yee Man Vanessa
5D Au Shun Yan Serene
5D Chu Hoi Tung
23 Jan
Graduation Photo Taking
24 Jan
Lunch Gathering for Form 6 students
A special lunch gathering for Form 6 students has been arranged by the Guidance Team. During the gathering, students and class teachers enjoyed their lunch together, supplies of popcorn and candy floss have also been arranged to cheer up our students for their coming examinations.
25 Jan
Lunch Gathering
Lunch gathering has been conducted between the Form 1 students, Peer Counselling ambassadors and teachers from the Guidance team, helping the Form 1 students to adapt to the campus life.
26 Jan
Our students have been awarded the following prizes organized by the Shatin Women's Association and the volunteering group「義連班」:
Student's name and class
「沙田區傑出學生運動員」 5E Shiu Yeung Chun
6C Man Ngai See Moriah
「沙田區傑出青年領袖」 5E To Pak Ho
5D Au Shun Yan Serene
5D Chu Hoi Tung
Dance Club and Chinese Martial Arts Club performance
Our Dance Club and Chinese Martial Arts Club were invited by the Shatin Integrated Social Service Center of YWCA to serve as guest performers.
Students' Top Ten News Election
Miss Ely Lee, 5D Tam Nga Lam, 5E Tong Ka Lui and 3B Xie Yee Sin attended the prize presentation ceremony of the 27th students' Top Ten News Election. Our school has won the Most Active Participation School Award.
Future Stars - Upward Mobility Scholarship
Miss Leung Wing Yee, 6B Yeung Lok Yiu and 6C Leung Tin Wing Tiffani attended the Future Stars - Upward Mobility Scholarship Ceremony. Both students have been awarded the scholarship for demonstrating resilience in adversity and maintaining positive attitude towards life and learning.
29 Jan
Interview of "Effectiveness of the implementation of the new cycle of the School Development and Accountability Framework on fostering Hong Kong school development"
Ms Chan Wai Ni was interviewed by the University of Hong Kong to offer comments regarding the effectiveness of Chinese Language lesson observation.
30 Jan
Briefing on F.5 4-day Creative Arts and Cultural Education and Exchange Trip to Taiwan
Conducted by Mr Samson Shew of Hong Kong Sincerity Travel.
55th Schools Dance Festival
Ms Lau Pui Fan and Ms So Ka Wai led our Dance Club to participate in 55th Schools Dance Festival. The team received two merit awards.
「CreaSTEAMtivity 2018/19Workshop: Fostering STEAM and "Creative Thinking Education through Micro:bit among Secondary Schools"Sharing Session
Mr Lam Siu Kai attended the event.